Sane CHUK Christianwits
Sane CHUK Christianwits

100% Solo performed
100% Vocally produced
Hip Hop Music.
Music/Songs produced without the aid of musical instuments, Electronic equipment, samplers, loopers, or nothin like that.
Takin songs of the world and given em a gospel makeover.
Transformed hits by:
Dr.Dre, LL Cool J., ODB, Notorious Big, Will Smith, Craig Mac, and Busta Rhymes

Also Original Hits with songs By the Title of:
Christ Punch, God's Sovereign, Who Knows, Wait on God, Satan Sin Stress Strife Struggle
and Strain, Jesus the Real Mac Daddy, and Invincible.

Also featuring the incomparable scratchtastics of D.J. Sham-Rock (Shamek Weddle). Spinnin your head for God. Hold onto your seat as you listen to "The Rap-sure".

Sane CHUK Christianwits

126 Prospect Street