Buy Album for YOU!!!!!!!

Easy, for the price of a value meal at McDonalds you can come away with a priceless peice of music that will bless your life for days to come.

for just $7.00 I will mail you First Class a custom, handcrafted, valuable copy of this album. Right now this is my lifes work. I put my all into it. I make no prophet asking only $7.00 for a tape/casset, but I care and I want you to have it and I want you to recieve the blessing with which God has blessed me with. Actually I believe if my calculations are correct I will lose money selling the Album at that price. Yet it still remains only $7.00. The price is sure to double in the coming months but while I can I want you to have this in your hands for as inexpensive as possible.

All you have to do is mail $7.00 Cash, Check, or MONEY order (Money order and CASH receive faster, CASH fastest) to: the contact information below exactly as it is spelled. As soon as I crack your letter open and receive payment, you will have your Album in your hands within 7 days or your money....well, or you can email me and harass me until you get it. If you enclose your email address, I will confirm by email that I have recieved your order and email you when it is shipped. I've been at this same address for 4 years so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Don't get me wrong now if you want to give extra to support my ministry and boost my growth, let God lead you to it. As you know Ministers can use all the help they can Get, and this is for the Furtherance of the Kindom, So by investing in me you WILL BE saving souls, Money Back Guaranteed.

Write very neat, Sloppy will slow down processing, be sure to include As much contact information as possible so that in the event of miscommunication it can be corrected efficiently and expeditiously. (Email and Phone # highly recommended - best email and best phone/cell/pager whatever)

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