BOOK-EM, We want him NOW!!!!!!!
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To book me is easy, as 1, 2, 3.
Email me and you see.

To book me email me>>>>>>>

We can work out the details tailor made to your desires. check out my policy below, irrefusable.

Sane CHUK Booking Policy

Just get me there and back, and I will go. (Via sending me traveling money or a ride depending on the distance or just gas money both ways for my car)

After my concert/performance I only ask that I be allowed to request a freewill offering, which would be taken up for the furtherance and support and growth of the ministry. I would like to receive this collection personally from the fans/supporters themselves as the Holy Spirit(God) leads them to give. I don't care how much it is ($3 or $300 or whatever I will not be upset) I don't want to sell no tickets, I don't want a required fee, all I ask is these two things (get me there & my offering)alone and that is it.